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Looking for a children's dentist in Perth?

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Perth consult Tuart Hill Dental. Our professional and caring team will help and direct your children through their three main stages of dental development.

We will advise them on teething, practical ways of maintaining good oral hygiene, and preventive measures such as diet and fluoride supplements.

Our staff have a fun and gentle approach towards our younger patients and take their time in explaining what they are doing and why. We find this approach results in not just continued positive visits when returning to the dentist but a more positive approach towards oral care at home.

Preventative dental care

Although baby teeth are only present during early childhood years, they play an important role in the development of your child’s smile and long-term oral health. That is why we strongly emphasise the importance of routine dental visits every 12 months.

Many parents like to incorporate their baby’s first visit with their own routine check up appointment. By doing this your child will develop a positive relationship with our team.

We recommended your child’s first visit to Tuart Hill Dental to be around their first birthday. This will enable us to check for any developmental problems with their teeth, gums and jaw.

Book an appointment today and keep your children smiling with good oral health at Tuart Hill Dental.