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Restore bite, replace lost teeth with dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are essentially titanium ‘screws’ that are inserted into your jawbone via a minimally invasive surgical procedure. This material is highly biocompatible with your natural jawbone material, and over a period of months these titanium dental implants are fully integrated into your jaw, forming a permanently solid foundation for prosthetic tooth replacements such as crowns.

There are many advantages to dental implants including:

  • An effective solution to tooth loss
  • Replace your missing tooth or teeth with beautiful, all-porcelain crowns using the latest materials and techniques
  • Restore your bite by preventing your natural teeth from moving from its original position
  • Unlike a bridge procedure, adjacent teeth do not have to be shaved down
  • They help retain bone structure and gum tissue
  • Implants are very durable and will last many years. With good care, most implants can last a lifetime.
  • Dental implants eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing your dentures, as well as the need for messy adhesives to keep your dentures in place.

Almost anyone healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction can be considered for a dental implant. Patients should have healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant. They also must be committed to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Heavy smokers, people suffering from uncontrolled chronic disorders such as diabetes need to be assessed on an individual basis. If you are considering implants, talk to our dentists at Tuart Hill Dental to see if they are right for you.

Before an implant can be placed a personalised treatment plan needs to be drawn up. The plan addresses your specific needs and is prepared by one of our experienced dentists. For the initial (surgical) phase of the implant, we refer you to a surgeon to carry this out. This team approach provides coordinated care based on the implant option that is best for you.

The surgeon will then place the tooth root implant, which is a small post made of titanium, into the bone socket of the missing tooth. As the jawbone heals, it grows around the implanted metal screw in a process known as osseointegration. The healing process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

To make your new tooth or teeth, we take impressions of your teeth, which is sent to our highly experienced dental technicians who then fabricate a replacement tooth, called a crown. This is then attached to the abutment. The crown is made to match the colour of your new teeth to your natural teeth. Because the implant is secured within the jawbone, the replacement teeth look, feel, and function just like your own natural teeth. Dental implants require the same care as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups.

Contact us today to discuss your dental implant options, the amount of time your treatment is likely to need and the overall cost.