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Invisalign - teeth straightening with clear braces

Want a straighter, more even smile – without the look of traditional braces? The Invisalign teeth straightening system uses clear braces to correct misaligned teeth.

Invisalign® teeth straightening features the latest technology to straighten misaligned teeth in an almost invisible way, without wires and metal braces. There’s no need to be self-consciousness, or worry about speech impediments. The clear teeth braces are more comfortable than ever before.

Your Invisalign teeth straightening procedure will progress as follows:

  1. We will take your bite impressions,
  2. These impressions are laser scanned to generate 3D images in a computer,
  3. A series of clear aligners are created, each progressively moving your teeth towards the desired position.

Over the course of the Invisalign teeth straightening treatment, you will have between 12 and 30 sets of aligners, each of them should be worn for a period of two weeks, which means the treatment time can vary from six to 15 months, and you only need to visit the dentist every two to three months instead of every three to four weeks as required when wearing regular metal braces.

You will need to take the Invisalign clear braces off to eat; other than that, they stay on for 20 hours a day.

Fix Spacing, Overbites

Our dentists are skilled at using Invisalign® to treat a wide variety of issues, including overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbites and overbites.

At your consultation, we will discuss your teeth straightening options, including the amount of time your treatment is likely to take, the steps involved and the overall cost.

The cost of Invisalign® is usually cheaper than regular braces, but depends on several factors, including:

  • The current configuration of your teeth,
  • Your goal configuration,
  • How well your teeth respond to the clear braces.

The advantages of the Invisalign teeth straightening system include:

  • It is practically invisible – you get straight, beautiful teeth without anyone knowing.
  • It is removable – so there are no issues with eating and drinking. It’s easy to brush and floss as usual for optimum oral health.
  • It is comfortable – the medical-grade plastic insert is easy and comfortable to wear, and won’t cause any irritation to mouth or gums.
  • The advanced technology allows you visualise the end result, so you wil know how great your teeth will look after the treatment.

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